Millennials Choose Austin

Did you know 17.4 percent of Austin’s population is Millennials? There are numerous discussions surrounding Millennials regarding who they are and what they will do, but why does Austin become home to so many? The generational group is a powerful mass that will change the landscape of our country as they age and make more decisions. Currently, this segment of our population makes up the largest division of the U.S. labor force and is the largest generation overall. When they make a decision, we don’t have a choice but to listen and they have decided that Austin is the place to be. 

CommercialCafe’s latest report ranked Austin as the number two metro area for Millenials to relocate. Based on census data for population growth, regional pricing, unemployment rates, percentage of Millennials with employer-based insurance, and commute time, Austin handily took home second prize. Its highest scores landed in the Millennial population growth (11 percent in five years) and employer-based insurance (67 percent have this benefit). 


While this report gives us a data-based description of Millennials’ superpower of choice, what else draws the young business professionals to our city?

One: the city’s job growth continues. Forbes ranked Austin as number two in the country for increased employment rates, which is attractive to anyone starting a career. 

Two: events. Enough said. Austin is still the Live Music Capital of the World and has thus created a city-wide culture of festivals, nightlife, and activity. Communities that offer our young citizens opportunities to explore, meet new people, and engage with their neighborhoods quickly capture their attention. 

Three: environmental sustainability. Millennials are more conscious of their carbon footprint and Austin happens to be one of the top green cities in the country. 

Millennials have spoken. Austin is one of the best places to live as a young professional. 

Data courtesy of Home Union and CultureMap Austin.


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